How can a landscaper make money in the winter?

It may not be the generous profits from full designs and construction projects, but it's an income you can take advantage of during the off-season, snow removal. The most typical off-season job for landscapers is snow removal. Snow removal, like lawn maintenance, is something that many Americans don't have time for. Between work, family life, and other obligations, most people don't want to spend their free time digging in the driveway after a snowfall.

Lawn care companies that specialize in property maintenance and beautification will excel at this task and make money in the process. An important advantage of undertaking snow removal work is that you already have a customer base. There's no need to grow your winter snow removal business from scratch. Simply use the same mailing list to inform your customers that during the off-season, you can clear entrances and remove parking lots instead.

Lawns must be treated to keep them healthy when temperatures drop, so lawn care companies must offer this service. It's likely that someone who already pays you to care for their lawn in the summer will want to protect their investment during the winter. Since you already have all the equipment, winter lawn preparation should be part of your off-season services. With that in mind, here are 10 ways to expand your business during cold weather to ensure a steady income for your landscaping company throughout the year.

When it comes to winter work for landscapers, gutter cleaning is another service that makes a lot of sense. Some landscaping companies even offer to store customer lights until next year for a fee. If there are new trends in landscaping, now is the time to start researching them and training your crew so that they are ready to start in the spring. This can be a labor-intensive job, so many will call on their landscapers to do thorough gutter cleaning and pressure washing.

Many landscaping companies will install Christmas lights in addition to shoveling snow and salting driveways. Snow removal is an obvious winter service for any lawn care company, but not all landscapers work in a snowy area. For lawn care providers and landscapers alike, expanding your service offerings is the best way to increase your revenues during the dreaded winter months. As with most jobs, landscapers can do more work as cold weather approaches the end of the fall season.

However, what happens when winter comes and the green grass carpets turn gray? The best landscapers get creative and expand to other areas of work to continue earning a living. Regardless of the scope of commercialization or business diversification, winter remains essentially an off-season for landscapers. It's possible to make a good winter income for landscapers and lawn care companies, even if you're used to spring and summer jobs. While installing holiday lights can be extremely cost-effective for landscapers or lawn care providers, keep in mind that it's a short holiday season.

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