What Can Landscapers Do in the Winter Months?

Many landscaping companies can keep their business going in the winter months by diversifying their services. In addition to shoveling snow and salting driveways, they can offer power washing, gutter cleaning, and winterizing patios. This is a great way to keep jobs coming through the dreaded winter months. However, snow removal is not always a reliable winter job, as orders depend heavily on recent snowfall and not all landscapers have a snow plow or operate in snowy areas.

If this is your first time accepting snow removal contracts, it's important to read up on how to price your services. Landscapers can also make money in the winter by offering lawn care services. Lawns must be treated to keep them healthy when temperatures drop, so lawn care companies must offer this service. It's likely that someone who already pays you to care for their lawn in the summer will want to protect their investment during the winter.

Another great way to make money in the winter is to install Christmas lights. This is a cost-effective job that allows landscapers to test their design skills and make money out of season. Winter is also the perfect time to apply pre-emergent herbicides to lawns. As a lawn care business owner, it's helpful for you to learn about 10 job ideas you can offer your clients such as paid garden services and keep profits flowing. In the northernmost regions of the U.

S., many landscapers move on to offering almost exclusively snow removal services. As a landscaper, you can also offer winterizing services for additional money, which protects plants from cold weather to improve the quality of their rest. Owners love strolling through garden shows because they are tired of winter or want to start planning for spring. A tool, module, or element within your landscaping software can change the way you view business out of season.