What raises the value of a home the most?

Apply it with fresh paint. Give your kitchen a fresh look. In many cases, a kitchen or bathroom remodel can offer a return of 100 percent or more on your investment and that number could be even higher depending on the finishes you choose, the amount of labor you're willing to do yourself, and the number of improvements these changes offer compared to the current state of your home. For Todd and Lisa Miller, making major improvements to their 3,100 square foot ranch, built in the 1970s, is normal for the course.

These are the top renovation, remodeling and home improvement projects that increase home values according to Opendoor data on thousands of recent home sales. We studied 11 projects and ranked them by the average increase in value in the cities where we buy and sell homes. We assume the average price of housing in each market. We define this project as adding a second or third bedroom that increases the above floor living space of your home by at least 150 square feet.

Usually, rooms should have a closet, a window and a door. Many first-time homebuyers believe that the physical characteristics of a home will lead to an increase in the value of the property. But in reality, the physical structure of a property tends to depreciate over time, while the land on which it sits usually appreciates in value. While this distinction may seem trivial, understanding how potential land values influence property returns allows investors to make better decisions.