What Can Landscapers Do in the Winter to Keep Profitable?

Winter can be a difficult time for landscaping businesses, as the cold weather and snow can make it difficult to do the same kind of work as in the warmer months. However, there are still plenty of ways for landscapers to stay profitable during the winter season. Offering services such as Christmas light installation, power washing, gutter cleaning, and winterizing patios can help keep your gardening business afloat. Additionally, diversifying into other services such as snow removal can help bring in more jobs.

Lawns must also be treated during the winter months to keep them healthy, so lawn care companies should offer this service. Pruning shrubs is also a great way to keep busy in the winter months. Landscape business management software can also be used to generate additional income during the winter. Pressure washing exterior coatings, wrapping shrubs and trees in burlap, and draining sprinkler systems are all services that landscapers can offer for additional money.

Landscapers may also see high demand from spring to fall, while they may see reduced demand in the winter months. Jobber's online booking features allow users to receive leads directly from your landscaping website, your company's Facebook profile, and Google Search. Finally, it's important to maintain your summer garden equipment so that it can be stored and ready to use in the spring.