Why to have flowers in your yard

For long-lasting flowerings or all-time good-looking gardens, you can go for embracing perennial flowers in your gardens. Even a pot of flowers on an outdoor table or a few planters along a balcony rail can really make a difference to your overall enjoyment. Surprisingly they can act as pest controllers, weed controllers, fertilizers, ground covers, and this list goes on. So let’s have a look in detail.

It’s incredibly uplifting to the soul to smell the sweet aroma as of flowers as you wander about the garden. The flowers have also been used as colourful edging to create an attractive focal point and soften hard raised bed edging.

Why is it important to have flowers in your garden?

Gardening is one of those hobbies where you can spend money on fancy equipment and pre-started flowers, but you don’t have to. Select trailing flowers like lobelia or ivy geraniums that cascade down in hanging baskets as a feature at eye level. However, it’s a good idea to plant a variety of flowers to ensure that you’ve got continuous blooms throughout the entire growing season. You can plant a row of veggies followed by a row of flowers, or you can interspace them within the same row.

Sunflowers, coriander and chia flowers are all sources of protein-rich seeds that are easy to grow in many warm climates.